Dog Training

Training with Tim

Your dog’s favorite place to stay and play is where they’ll also learn to obey! We’ve added professional training services to The Hydrant’s amenities. Schedule a session à la carte or add it to your dog’s stay or day care schedule.


Our trainer is Tim Almeida, a knowledge-assessed certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA®). This nationally recognized standard of excellence certifies his expertise in animal behavior, learning theory, dog training technique, and instruction, including:


  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • American Kennel Club® Canine Good CitizenTM Training Class & Testing
  • Extended Board & Train
  • Leash-Walking Class
  • Recall Class
  • Proper Play


Tim, in turn, has also trained our staff so everyone you encounter at The Hydrant is on the same puppy page. Now, this is something to bark about! Just let us know your dog’s breed, age, weight, and what type of training interests you.


One on One Training (Daycare/Boarding Residents)
For daycare residents, one on one training sessions include basic obedience, recall, proper play and leash skills. Dogs will learn valuable foundational skills in order to grow and expand their knowledge and confidence. Sessions are one hour.

  • 1 Hour Session: $150
  • Package Rate / 5 Sessions: $675
  • Package Rate / 10 Sessions: $1,350


One on One Training with Person (On Site)
For those who want to work one on one directly alongside their canine family member and a trainer. This includes basic obedience, handling skills and a specific training plan for each particular client. Both human and dog will learn to better understand each other’s language, as well as strengthen their bond built off of mutual respect and love. Clients will gain confidence in their ability to lead while also instilling confidence and security in their dog. Sessions are one hour.

  • 1 Hour Session: $150
  • Package Rate / 5 Sessions: $675
  • Package Rate / 10 sessions: $1,350


In Home Behavior Consultation

A dog’s behavior is highly influenced by the particular environment in which it stays. Our dog’s are constantly taking cues from their environment and acting according to the laws of survival, fight/flight, and safety. An In-Home Consultation provides clients with insight into their dog’s life that will prove to be invaluable for understanding why each dog acts a certain way in their home environment. Included will be a full assessment of the dogs living space, set up, daily schedule, as well as training and handling techniques taught during the consultation. A full follow up behavior plan is provided upon completion of consultation.

  • 75 to 90 Minute Initial Consultation: $250
  • 1 Hour Follow Up Session(s): $180



Before enrolling your dog in training, you will need to be entered into our Petcare management system and have your dog’s temperament evaluated by one of our staff. The evaluation ensures that your dog will be as safe as possible here at Hydrant Hotel. Evaluations last about 45 minutes. Call us to schedule one today!

Hydrant Training Liability Agreement