Doggie Day Care

By The Day or Customized Schedule

Our trained, caring staff makes sure each dog gets plenty of fun and exercise. We open early and close late, and we plan to offer convenient pickup and drop off service soon.

Every Hydrant Hotel guest gets individual attention, exercise, snuggling and play in our huge 14,000 sq. ft. play area complete with indoor and outdoor space.

We separate dogs by size and temperament, and everybody gets time, attention, and lots of space. Little dogs and shy dogs are no exception!! Dogs can romp on playground equipment and play with other guests out in the sun or nap on Hydrant Hotel cots when they get tuckered out. Our state-of-the-art climate control system keeps the play area warm in winter and cool in summer. The grass-like turf outside is soft and cool on their paws, and the rubber flooring indoors provides cushioning for their joints, and light, fun music is provided by to keep our guests content throughout the day.

As part of our day care and boarding services, our trained staff monitor the health of your dog’s ears, teeth, skin and coat daily, and we will alert you if we find anything that may warrant further examination by a veterinarian.


• Dogs must undergo a temperament EVALUATION.
• Dogs over 6 months of age must be fixed (neutered or spayed) to use the day care.
• Vaccinations should be up to date. We also accept titer tests. We prefer any updates/boosters be done at least 2 weeks prior to your dog's stay. Feel free to call and speak to our staff about this at 631-740-9359


Before enrolling your dog in day care, you will need to be entered into our Petcare management system and have your dog's temperament evaluated by one of our staff. The evaluation ensures that your dog will be as safe as possible here at Hydrant Hotel. Evaluations last about 45 minutes. Call us to schedule one today!