The Hydrant Hotel FAQs

Dog Boarding FAQs

What accommodations do you have for my dog?

Every dog in our care has their own room to sleep in! We have two different types of rooms for boarding. Our classic suite is a 3’ x 6’ room and our luxury suite is an 8’ x 10’ room with a TV. All suites are enclosed with three solid walls and a glass door. They also include a raised Kuranda bed, blankets, and bowls. Our boarding area is temperature regulated and has speakers to play soothing music throughout the day.

What if my dog experiences a medical emergency?

We have two nearby vets and they are both only a couple of minutes away from us!

Riverhead Animal Hospital
1182 W Main St, Riverhead, NY 11901

East End Veterinary Hospital (24 hour emergency Vet)
67 Commerce Dr, Riverhead, NY 11901

Is anyone with the dogs overnight?

Although we try not to go into our boarding area too much during the night because we do not want to wake anyone up, one of our managers does live on site and has cameras on all of the suites!

Can siblings share a room?

Absolutely- it even saves you money! Instead of paying for two separate rooms, they can share a room for $20 extra per sibling. We can even separate them for feedings if need be. If your dogs are on the larger side, we would recommend having them share a luxury suite.

What should I pack for my dog(s)?

We provide beds, bowls, and blankets for all dogs during their boarding stays. You would just need to bring their food, treats, and any medications necessary. You are more than welcome to bring anything from home that you feel may be a comforting addition to their room. We strongly recommend not bringing beds from home because our washing machine is very strong! Blankets would be a much better option! We also cannot leave any rawhide or other choking hazards in the room with dogs in our care. Other chew toys are allowed, such as Nylabones, Kongs, Benebones, etc. 

My dog is currently on medication. Can I bring that?

Yes, you can! We can administer all topical and oral medications. If you have a special way of sneaking medication in a treat, we definitely suggest bringing that along, too!

What if my dog does not like other dogs?

Not a problem at all! Dogs in our care do not come into contact with any other dog unless you specifically sign them up for group playtime. Everyone is taken out for potty breaks individually. They can also still be signed up for playtimes! We can take them out for a one-on-one playtime with a staff member, also known as a private play.

What if I do not sign my dog up for additional playtimes?

All dogs in our care are taken for regular potty breaks throughout the day. They are walked by a staff member from their room to our spacious fenced yard with artificial grass.

What vaccinations are required for boarding?

For both daycare and boarding we require 3 vaccinations; Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella. If your pet is not up to date on their vaccinations, there is a 4 day waiting period after receiving them before they can check-in.

Doggie Day Care FAQs

Do the dogs play inside or outside?

Both! We have indoor playrooms that are temperature regulated and have playsets for all sizes. These playrooms are attached to fenced yards where the dogs are free to go for potty breaks or additional playing space. We even have bone shaped swimming pools for those hot summer days!

Is someone monitoring the play groups?

Yes, absolutely, at all times! We never leave a playgroup unattended. We will always have a staff member physically present to make sure everyone is happy and playing nicely.

Are all dogs allowed in daycare?

All dogs must be at least 4 months old and males must be neutered to attend daycare. Females do not need to be spayed, but they cannot participate in any group activities if they are actively in heat. All dogs must be in overall good health and free of open  wounds, ticks, and fleas. We welcome all breeds, ages, and sizes! We typically will split playgroups up according to size and temperament. All dogs must pass a temperament test in order to be group eligible. 

How do I get my dog started?

First, we will need to schedule a temperament test for your dog! This is included in their first day and you do not need to be present for it. They will need to be dropped off anywhere between 7am and 8:45am so they are here before we start loading up our playgroups. We want to make sure they go into our playrooms first so they can get used to their environment before we introduce any dogs. We will make sure to pick a very friendly, easy-going dog to introduce to your dog first. They will both be on leash and once they seem comfortable, we will take the leashes off. Other dogs of similar size and temperament will slowly be loaded into the group one by one to ease them into it. Once they are settled in, they will remain in daycare for the rest of the day until they are picked up! 

What if my dog does not pass the temperament test?

No need to worry! They will still be able to play and have fun during their visit. We will still be able to take them for a one-on-one playtime with our staff members and they will have access to the same rooms and play equipment that they would if they were in daycare. Some even prefer to be the center of attention! If they were just too nervous on their first day, we absolutely could try again once they become more familiar with us and the hotel.