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Pamper Your Pup with Special Treatments & Amenities at Our Salon

At The Hydrant Hotel’s salon & spa, our team offers more than grooming services. We go above and beyond to ensure your dog looks their best – and feels it, too! Our dog spa services enhance your pup’s style, comfort, and overall well-being. See how.

Dog Grooming Services & Prices

We offer a range of grooming services to cater to dogs of all sizes and coat types, including:
Small Short Hair Bath: $42
Small Long Hair Bath: $47
Small Full Groom: $68
Medium Short Hair Bath: $52
Medium Long Hair Bath: $57
Medium Full Groom: $78
Large Short Hair Bath: $62
Large Long Hair Bath: $68
Large Full Groom: $88
XL Short Hair Bath: $73
XL Long Hair Bath: $78
XL Full Groom: $114
All prices reflect paying via credit card. A 4% discount will be applied for cash and debit purchases.

Additional Services

Teeth Brushing: $10
Deshed Single Coat: $10
Deshed Double Coat: $21
Light Dematting: $5
Medium Dematting: $10
Heavy Dematting: $15
Express Groom: $21
Brush out hourly: $16
Anal Glands (Add on with Groom): $10
Light Trim: $10
Heavy Trim: $21
Pet-a-Cure (Nail Cut + Grind): $21
Nail Grinding (Add on with Groom): $10
Specialty Shampoo: $5
*Please note that additional charges may apply for dematting services.
All prices reflect paying via credit card. A 4% discount will be applied for cash and debit purchases.

Nail Trimming:
Keep Paws Polished and Healthy

Pamper your pup’s paws with a professional nail trim. Treat your dog to a Pet-a-Cure for $18 with a nail cut and grinding services to keep nails at a smooth, healthy length – ensuring your dog’s comfort.

Stylish Cuts and Grooming:
Unleash Your Dog’s
Inner Diva or Dapper Gentleman

From breed-specific cuts to personalized trims that bring out your dog’s unique charm, our talented spa partners are skilled in various grooming styles and know how to work with a variety of clients and personalities.

Deshedding Treatments:
Help Your Dog Shed &
Prevent Painful Mats

Our deshedding treatments are a game-changer. With specialized techniques and premium products, our deshed treatments help with excessive seasonal shedding, allowing your dog to look and feel their best. Ready to say goodbye to unwanted fur around your home and hello to a happier, more comfortable dog? Schedule an appointment.

Relaxing “Me Time” & Doggie Massages

From a soothing massage to a gentle coat brushing, our spa partners create a calm environment where your dog can chill and unwind. This extra pampering can release tension and anxiety so your dog feels comfortable during their stay. We know how to pamper our guests and offer turn-down service – complete with belly rubs – for overnight boarding guests.

Teeth Brushing for Healthy Smiles
and Fresh Breath

Regular tooth brushing can prevent gum disease and tooth decay and supports fresh breath, making those close cuddles all the more enjoyable. Our grooming professionals use gentle techniques to remove plaque and tartar buildup for optimal dental health.

Shampoo and Style:
Luxurious Baths and Blowouts

Help your dog feel refreshed and look their best. Our salon uses high-quality, pet-friendly shampoos and premium products that nourish your dog’s skin and coat. After their bath, our professional groomers will dry and blow out their coats – complete with brush and styling services.

Workouts & Playtime Programs
to Keep Your Dog Active

At The Hydrant Hotel, we prioritize your dog’s well-being, and our spa offers fitness activities to keep every dog active, happy, and healthy. Before bath time, dogs can play in our day care or enjoy an individual play session before a grooming appointment.

The Best Place
to Bring Your Dog
on the East End

With everything your dog needs, including doggie day care, luxury boarding suites, grooming, and training, our premier services make The Hydrant Hotel your pet’s favorite place to go.

Conveniently located in Riverhead, NY, The Hydrant Hotel is near the intersection of Old County Road and Osborn Avenue, and is a home away from home for dog owners on the North Folk and South Fork of Long Island. With an experienced, dog-loving team and their unwavering commitment, we’ve earned the trust of countless dog owners seeking the best care for their furry friends.

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