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From skilled groomers and playtime supervisors to expert trainers and everything in between, you can trust the team at The Hydrant Hotel to care for your dog with the attention they deserve. Meet the team that makes it all possible.
The Hydrant Day Care Agreement
An irregular, wavy shape outlined with a dashed orange line on a white background. Reminiscent of a blob or an organic figure, the form brings to mind an abstract representation of the playful trails at Dog Hotel Riverhead.
Jessy SanFilippo Hydrant Hotel

Jessy SanFilippo
Managing Director

Jessy has been The Hydrant's managing director since February 2019, but her love of animals began well before that. A former veterinary school student, Jessy realized her passion for animal caretaking and started her career in pet hospitality over 10 years ago. Now, she oversees all the services at The Hydrant, and our guests won’t stop barking about her.

When Jessy’s not at The Hydrant, she’s hanging with her best friend, Koda, a quirky, lovable nine-year-old border collie. You can find them hiking the trails, then relaxing on the couch with a jar of peanut butter.

Rachel Jones Hydrant Hotel

Rachel Jones
Assistant Manager

Rachel is a certified veterinary assistant and has been The Hydrant's assistant manager since September 2020. With over seven years of experience working with and caring for animals, Rachel’s expertise and passion ensure that every dog at The Hydrant gets the attention they need (and deserve!). As an animal lover since a young age, Rachel knows how a pet can be the center of one’s world, and she takes great pride in caring for all the dogs at The Hydrant.

Caitie Matthews - Hydrant Hotel

Caitie Matthews

As an avid animal and dog lover since a young age, Caitie has always had her eye on working with animals as her forever career. It's no surprise the love and care she gives our visitors as our groomer.

Caitie found her passion from extensive volunteer work, vet assistant/tech and vet secretary positions, to focusing on dog grooming 15 years ago. She has climbed the technique and breed specific grooms ladder for years while acquiring multiple grooming-certifications. When she's not at the Hydrant, Caitie loves to travel the world, is an avid adrenaline seeker and is always up to something 24/7 with her partner in crime, best friend and favorite pupper, Miss Piper Jean, an equally energetic wirehaired pointing griffon.

Joseph Secreti
Executive Trainer - Maximum Canine

Joe Secreti, the founder of Maximum Canine, has dedicated over 35 years to the world of dog training and care. His journey started at age seven with the adoption of his first dog, Athena, sparking a lifelong passion for enhancing the human-dog relationship. Joe's extensive experience includes advanced obedience, personal protection training, and success in dog sports like Schutzhund, earning numerous titles. His expertise extends to K9 detection, dog health, nutrition, and fitness.

Today, Joe and his Maximum Canine team prioritize rehabilitation techniques and training methods that foster healthy communication between people and dogs, embodying his commitment to a lifelong mission in canine care and training.

Rick and Eva Hydrant Hotel

Rick & Eva Chiorando

As dog lovers themselves, Rick and Eva are the proud owners of The Hydrant Hotel in Riverhead and devoted pet parents to their dogs, Dixie and Monty. After their dog walkers and sitters retired and moved away, discovering The Hydrant was a dream come true – and when the opportunity to become its owners presented itself, they couldn’t turn it down.

Combining their passion for dogs and their expertise as owners of the full-service advertising agency Austin Williams, they recognized the need for a facility like The Hydrant. Now, they’re expanding its services and capacity so more dogs can enjoy a loving home away from home with precious peace of mind for their owners.

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An irregular, wavy shape outlined with a dashed orange line on a white background. Reminiscent of a blob or an organic figure, the form brings to mind an abstract representation of the playful trails at Dog Hotel Riverhead.

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