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We Proudly Feature
Anita's Pure Nutrition
For Dogs:

Where Health and Longevity Begin

Anita’s Pure Nutrition For Dogs is the culmination of a heartfelt journey. It all began when Joe Secreti, founder and master trainer of Maximum Canine, faced the daunting challenge of his beloved dogs’ health issues. Driven by his passion, Joe partnered with certified veterinary nutritionists and raw food manufacturers to create Anita’s Pure Nutrition For Dogs—a line of raw food blends, treats, and supplements. 


The Heart of Anita's

A Lifestyle for Dogs

At Anita’s Pure Nutrition For Dogs, we understand that a dog’s complete well-being goes beyond just nutrition. We believe in a holistic approach to canine health and happiness. Our philosophy is founded on three pillars: behavior, sport, and nutrition. These elements combined create a harmonious relationship between owners and their beloved pups.


Certified veterinary nutritionists craft our nutrition products, which are rigorously tested to ensure top quality.


Our raw food blends use 100% USA-sourced, USDA-certified human-grade meat, fresh vegetables, and more. Our products meet or exceed AAFCO nutrition standards.

Biologically Appropriate
Raw Food:

Our raw meals come in convenient 2lb tubes and 2oz patties. We also offer health-boosting limited-ingredient cookies, jerky, and snacks.


Meet Anita, our brand ambassador, who embodies the essence of Anita’s Pure Nutrition For Dogs—a commitment to health, fitness, purpose, and behavior.

Book a free nutrition consultation and receive a customized dog meal plan designed by a canine nutrition specialist. Plus, get 25% off your first nutrition purchase when you complete your consultation.

Feed to Succeed

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