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The Benefits of Doggie Day Care

November 27, 2023

Wondering how you can make a good dog even better? Consider enrolling them in doggie day care. Not only does it keep them active and entertained, but it provides essential socialization skills that can help your dog feel comfortable in a variety of environments. Our professional dog handlers explain what socialization is, why it’s important for your dog, and how doggie day care can help while providing other benefits, too.

What is dog socialization?

Dog socialization is the process of preparing your dog to feel comfortable and relaxed in a variety of settings and interactions. During socialization, you expose your dog to many different sights, sounds, and smells. You also introduce them to different people, animals, and environments.

Why is dog socialization important?

Socialization is important because it helps your dog feel comfortable and secure in a variety of real-world scenarios. Socialization can prevent a variety of harmful, negative behaviors like aggression, reactivity, separation anxiety, and other fear responses. Properly socializing your dog builds their confidence and strengthens your bond, allowing you to enjoy more experiences together. 

Benefits of socialization at doggie day care (for dogs)

There are many benefits of socializing your dog at a doggie day care facility, including:

1. Safe, open-play environments

Doggie day care facilities like The Hydrant offer open-play environments so your dog can run freely outdoors and indoors with other dogs while you are busy. Dogs are paired in play groups according to size and temperament with careful supervision from experienced dog handlers to ensure every pup enjoys their time. Plus, with our team watching your dog, you’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing your dog can’t get into any trouble while you’re away.

2. Enriched routine

Just like how work and school challenge our minds, doggie day care can provide your dog with similar enrichment. The change in environment, positive interactions, and playtime can combat boredom, which often leads to destructive behavior like chewing furniture or ripping up the couch.

3. Physical exercise

As dog owners, we know that a tired dog is a good dog. Picture this: During your dog’s day, they are free to run around safely, playing with their friends in indoor and outdoor environments. This is the type of quality physical exercise that doggie day care can provide.

4. Manage separation anxiety

Dogs with separation anxiety feel distress when they are left alone, which can lead to troubling behavior. By incorporating day care into your dog’s routine, you can help your pup feel comfortable and secure with the supervised structure they need. By providing your dog with physical exercise and mental stimulation while you’re away, you can both return home happier and less stressed.

5. Your dog can make friends

Dogs are social animals by nature, and having friends is an added layer of enrichment in their lives. It is not uncommon to see dogs have preferred playmates, similar to human behavior. Doggie day care allows dogs to foster relationships with dog friends they may not have otherwise met.

Benefits of socialization at doggie day care (for humans)

The benefits of doggie day care don’t just extend to canines; there are many benefits for their human owners, too.

1. Peace of mind

Instead of stressing about if your dog is home chewing on coasters or ripping apart pillows, owners can find solace knowing their dog is at day care having a great time with their furry friends! Doggie day care can give you peace of mind, knowing your dog is well cared for while you are busy. Places like The Hydrant send Instagram “pupdates” so you can see your dog enjoying their day in real time.

2. Tired pup = quiet time for you

After a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is walk the dog – especially in the dark winter months. Providing your dog a place to go and get their energy out during the day means you come home to a tired dog, which equals quiet, relaxing time for you. Everyone wins!

3. Learn more about your dog

Owners can learn more about their dog’s quirks and preferences from their day care experiences. Do they like playing by themselves or with the staff? Are they running around with their pals? Do they prefer to play with little dogs or big ones? Be sure to ask the staff about how your dog behaves to gain more insight.

4. Your dog’s home away from home

Many doggie day care providers like The Hydrant also offer dog boarding services. If your dog is already comfortable at day care, you can trust that they’ll be comfortable and cared for when boarding overnight – giving you flexibility and peace of mind if you need someone to watch your dog for the night (or a well-deserved vacation).

5. Helps with at-home training

After a few day care sessions, you may even notice your dog is better at home since they are learning from the staff and other dogs they spend time with. You may see that your dog is less nervous around new visitors or that they’ve learned some new commands.

Is doggie day care good for dogs?

Yes, doggie day care is good for dogs as it helps socialize them and gives them an opportunity for enrichment. At The Hydrant, we know every dog is unique. Every dog in our day care program undergoes a temperament test so we can understand their one-of-a-kind personality and their likes and dislikes. Then, we can match your dog with the right playgroup or coordinate private playtime.

If you are looking for doggie day care services on Long Island’s East End in Riverhead, NY, look no further than The Hydrant. Our luxury pet hotel provides doggie day care, dog boarding, grooming, and dog training. Contact us to learn more.