Terms and Agreements:

By use of our services at Hydrant Hotel enters you and your pet into agreement with Hydrant Hotels policies



Boarding and Daycare Policies


Age:  All dogs must be three months of age or older. The exception would be puppy classes and boarding. Daycare exception may be arranged for a separate puppy play area.

All dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered to play in daycare. Some considerations may be made, call to inquire.

Health:  A veterinarian’s certificate of health and up to date vaccination or titer records must be on file in our system.  Dogs cannot attend daycare or boarding for Two weeks after ANY vaccination is given.  If you are “due” for anything please call us first to consider your options. We reserve the right to turn away boarding or daycare customers that have updated vaccinations within two-weeks prior to your pets visit.

Behavior:  We will observe your dog closely during the first day, and carefully introduce him to the social atmosphere of daycare.  When we feel a bit of guidance would be helpful, your dog will receive one on one individual training help. This is offered in your regular daycare services.  All dogs must pass our evaluation to join in daycare.

If there have ever been any behavior issues, please inform us. We will give your dog the special attention he needs to overcome his issues.  If your dog needs special handling, we will do all we can to help.

Owners must notify us if there have been aggression issues either with humans or animals. Safety and health are our primary concerns.


Owners agree to give us full charge of your pet while in our care.  Also, owners agree to standard medical treatment, giving us permission to seek medical help in case of emergency. Of course, every attempt to contact the owner in case of an emergency is made by Hydrant Hotel.  Complete financial responsibility and liability is solely that of the owners.

Pickups and Drop-offs: We will keep a list on file of all people authorized to pick up dogs from our facility. If you ever wish for someone other than those listed to take your dog home, you must make prior arrangements.

Reservations and Cancellations: Cancellations for boarding must be made at least 48 hours (72 on Holidays) in advance. There will be a waiting list for many days and we wish to accommodate everyone when possible.

***All dogs being dropped off for daycare must be pick up no later than 6pm. We will always make every attempt to accommodate any given situation. All we ask is that you communicate any and all special requests at the earliest opportunity, so we may plan accordingly dogs not picked up by 6 pm will be boarded overnight and owner is responsible for charges.

Boarding check-in is flexible within business hours. Checkout, however, is to occur by 12pm, or daycare rates will apply to that day.