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Why Recall Training Is Important

March 15, 2024

One of the most important skills a dog can learn is recall—the ability of your dog to come when called. This seemingly simple command has profound implications for your dog’s safety, your peace of mind, and your relationship with your dog.

While training your dog to come when called may take some time and effort, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. Here are five reasons why dog recall training is important.

5 Reasons Dog Recall Training Is Worth It

1. Safety

Safety is the number one reason to train your dog to come when called. Whether you’re at the dog park, out for a walk, or in your own backyard, there are countless situations where having a reliable recall command can prevent your dog from getting into dangerous situations. For example, if your dog starts to chase a squirrel across a busy street, being able to call them back to safety can save their life.

2. Off-leash freedom

Another reason to train your dog to come when called is to give them more freedom when they’re off-leash. While it’s important to follow leash laws and keep your dog on a leash when required, there are many situations where having a reliable recall command can allow your dog to explore and enjoy their surroundings more freely.

3. Bonding and trust

Training your dog to come when called is also a great way to strengthen your bond. When your dog learns that coming when called is not just a command but a way to earn praise, treats, or playtime, they will be more motivated to respond when you call them. This positive reinforcement will deepen your dog’s trust in you and strengthen your relationship with them.

4. Mental stimulation

Recall training is also a great way to mentally stimulate your dog. Learning new commands and practicing recall exercises can help keep your dog’s mind sharp and engaged. This mental stimulation can be especially important for high-energy breeds or dogs prone to boredom. By giving your dog a job to do and rewarding them for their efforts, you can help keep them mentally stimulated and physically healthy.

5. Emergency preparedness

Finally, having a dog that reliably comes when called can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. If your dog needs to be quickly brought under control in a dangerous situation (like an aggressive off-leash dog), having a recall command that your dog knows and trusts can make all the difference. By investing the time and effort to train your dog to come when called, you can be better prepared to handle whatever life throws your way.

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